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What is Pixie CRM?

Pixie CRM is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed to streamline and enhance business processes. It provides a centralized platform for managing customer interactions, leads, projects, and invoicing, making it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. Pixie CRM offers a user-friendly interface and customizable modules, allowing organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs. With features like client management, project management, and invoicing integrated into a single platform, Pixie CRM promotes efficiency, collaboration, and transparency within a company. The system facilitates effective communication between team members, tracks project progress, and automates various administrative tasks, ultimately saving time and resources. Moreover, Pixie CRM's reporting and analytics capabilities enable businesses to gain insights into their performance, aiding in informed decision-making. Overall, Pixie CRM serves as a powerful solution for businesses seeking to optimize their customer relationships, streamline operations, and boost productivity.

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Professional Dashboard

The Pixie CRM Professional Dashboard boasts a plethora of robust features designed to empower businesses in managing their customer relationships effectively. One notable feature is its intuitive and visually appealing interface, providing users with a comprehensive overview of critical data and insights at a glance. The dashboard allows for seamless navigation and quick access to essential modules, including client information, project details, and financial data. It also offers customizable widgets and charts, enabling users to tailor the dashboard to their specific preferences and monitoring needs. With real-time updates, users can stay informed about ongoing projects, pending tasks, and financial performance. Pixie CRM's Professional Dashboard further enhances collaboration by facilitating communication between team members, promoting transparency, and fostering a cohesive work environment. Additionally, the dashboard integrates seamlessly with other Pixie CRM modules, ensuring a unified and streamlined approach to managing customer relationships, projects, and overall business operations. Overall, the Professional Dashboard is a pivotal component of Pixie CRM, providing businesses with a powerful tool to optimize their workflow and make data-driven decisions.

Pixie's Industry Specific CRM

CRM For Consultants
ADVO™ For Legal Industry
PRO™ For Suppliers

Core Built-In Modules of Pixie CRM

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, managing customer relationships efficiently is paramount for success. Pixie CRM stands out as a robust solution, offering a myriad of outstanding features designed to streamline operations and enhance overall business performance. This article delves into the key features that make Pixie CRM a formidable tool for businesses seeking to elevate their customer relationship management strategies.

Pixie CRM stands as a comprehensive and powerful solution for businesses aiming to elevate their customer relationship management strategies. The outstanding features discussed in this article collectively contribute to Pixie CRM's effectiveness in streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration, and providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. As businesses continue to evolve in the digital era, Pixie CRM remains at the forefront, offering a versatile and adaptive platform that empowers organizations to build and nurture lasting customer relationships.

Intuitive User Interface

Pixie CRM boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and enhances overall user experience. The clean design ensures that users can easily access various modules, making it a suitable choice for businesses of all sizes. We do offer a completely free version for small businesses, you may just get yourself sign up for free version! (NO CC REQUIRED)

Client Management

At the core of Pixie CRM is its comprehensive client management system. This feature allows businesses to store and organize essential client information, facilitating efficient communication and personalized interactions. With a centralized repository for client data, teams can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, history, and interactions.

Project Management

Pixie CRM excels in project management functionality, providing tools for planning, tracking, and managing projects seamlessly. The platform enables users to assign tasks, set milestones, and monitor project progress in real-time. The collaborative nature of the project management module fosters team coordination, enhancing productivity and ensuring timely project completion. Unlimited additional modules are available in account area free of cost!

Invoicing and Financial Management

Another standout feature of Pixie CRM is its comprehensive invoicing and financial management capabilities. Users can generate professional invoices, track payments, and manage expenses within the system. The integration of financial tools within the CRM platform minimizes the need for external accounting software, promoting a centralized approach to business finances. Additional Accounting & Bookkeeping can be installed for accounting service providers.

Customization Options

Pixie CRM understands that every business is unique, and its customization options reflect this philosophy. Users have the flexibility to tailor the system to their specific needs, including custom fields, forms, and branding. This adaptability ensures that Pixie CRM can align seamlessly with diverse business processes.

Email Integration

Effective communication is vital in customer relationship management, and Pixie CRM integrates seamlessly with email services. This feature allows users to send and receive emails directly within the CRM platform, ensuring that all communication related to clients and projects is centralized and easily accessible.

Calendar and Activity Management

Pixie CRM includes a robust calendar and activity management system that helps teams stay organized and on top of their schedules. Users can schedule appointments, set reminders, and track important activities, ensuring that deadlines are met and opportunities are not missed. Stay up to date or even get intimation through notification system.

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting and analytics features of Pixie CRM provide valuable insights into business performance. Users can generate customizable reports, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions. This feature is instrumental in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, tracking sales performance, and identifying areas for improvement.

Security and Access Control

Security is a top priority for any CRM system, and Pixie CRM incorporates robust security measures & E2EE (End-to-End Encryption to protect sensitive business data. The platform includes role-based access control, ensuring that users only have access to the information relevant to their roles. Additionally, data encryption and regular security updates contribute to a secure CRM environment.

Mobile Accessibility

Recognizing the importance of on-the-go access, Pixie CRM offers mobile compatibility. This feature allows users to manage clients, projects, and tasks from their mobile devices, promoting flexibility and ensuring that critical business functions are accessible anytime, anywhere. Or you may just contact and ask for dedicated version of our Android & IOS Applications.

24/7 Customer Support and Regular Updates

Pixie CRM prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer support and regular updates. Users can access documentation, tutorials, and a responsive support team to address queries and concerns. Regular software updates ensure that users benefit from the latest features and security enhancements.

Built-In Outstanding Additional Modules of Pixie CRM

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