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Pixie does provide 24/7/365, prompt support to our clients, through the dedicated support ticket system.For existing clients only - Click here to generate a support ticket for prompt response.Other useful links:Configuration DocsHelpful Articles (Configuration & Installation)

1- Click on "Setup" (as mentioned in the above image)

2- Click on "My Account" (Dropdown) -----> 3- "Subscription".


4- Click on "Customize" ----> 5- "Select Modules" ----->6- "Add"

Getting Started
Getting started with Pixie CRM Software & Applications.
CRM - Built-in Modules Configuration

How to configure built-in modules of CRM

Please follow the desired links below to sign up for dedicated industry-specific versions of Pixie CRMs.
Pixie CRM For Service Providers, Freelancers, or Professionals.
Consultant or Freelancer Retail Industry E-commerce Hospitality Real Estate Finance and Banking Healthcare Telecommunications Manufacturing Technology and Software Professional Services Education Non-Profit Organizations Automotive Travel and Tourism
ADVO™ - Legal Case Management Software For Law Firms
Family Law Solicitors Personal Injury Lawyers Employment Lawyers Real Estate Solicitors Corporate Lawyers Intellectual Property Lawyers Immigration Lawyers Estate Planning Lawyers Bankruptcy Lawyers Tax Lawyers Civil Rights Lawyers Healthcare Lawyers Media and Entertainment Lawyers International Law Attorneys Military Lawyers Consumer Protection Lawyers Social Security Disability Lawyers ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Professionals
PRO™ - Advance POS with Inventory Management System
Retail Business E-commerce Stores Consumer Electronics Retailers Apparel and Fashion Retailers Grocery Stores Home Improvement Stores Automotive Parts Retailers Technology and Gadgets Retailers Health and Beauty Product Retailers Furniture Stores Sporting Goods Retailers Jewelry Stores Books and Stationery Stores Gift Shops Pet Supplies Stores Outdoor and Adventure Gear Retailers Specialty Food Stores Wine and Liquor Stores Home Appliance Retailers Art and Craft Supplies Stores
A GDPR-compliant CRM system is an invaluable asset for businesses operating in today's data-driven landscape. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets strict standards for the handling of personal data, emphasizing transparency, security, and individual rights. A Pixie CRM system designed with GDPR compliance in mind ensures that customer data is collected, processed, and stored lawfully and securely. The benefits of implementing such a system are multifaceted. Firstly, it instills trust among customers, assuring them that their sensitive information is treated with the utmost care and under legal requirements. Secondly, it helps organizations avoid hefty fines and legal repercussions by ensuring adherence to GDPR guidelines. Moreover, a GDPR-compliant Pixie CRM enhances data accuracy, as individuals have the right to rectify any inaccuracies in their personal information. This accuracy not only aids in regulatory compliance but also improves the overall effectiveness of customer interactions. In essence, a GDPR-compliant Pixie CRM not only safeguards customer privacy but also aligns businesses with ethical data practices, fostering a relationship of trust and accountability with clients.Learn more about Pixie GDPR Compliance.Our Privacy Policy  |  Terms and Conditions
Legal services cover a broad range of specialties, and professionals in the legal field are often specialized in specific areas of law. Here's a list of types of solicitors or legal service providers, who can use ADVO Legal Case Management Software Solution by Pixie:
  1. Family Law Solicitors:
    • Handle matters related to divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic disputes.
  2. Criminal Defense Solicitors:
    • Defend individuals facing criminal charges in court.
  3. Personal Injury Lawyers:
    • Represent clients who have been injured due to negligence, accidents, or malpractice.
  4. Employment Lawyers:
    • Specialize in employment-related legal issues, including workplace discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination.
  5. Real Estate Solicitors:
    • Assist with property transactions, leases, and land-related legal matters.
  6. Corporate Lawyers:
    • Provide legal advice to businesses on issues such as contracts, mergers, acquisitions, and compliance.
  7. Intellectual Property Lawyers:
    • Handle matters related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  8. Immigration Lawyers:
    • Assist individuals with immigration matters, including visas, green cards, and citizenship applications.
  9. Estate Planning Lawyers:
    • Help clients plan for the distribution of their assets and the management of their estates after death.
  10. Bankruptcy Lawyers:
    • Specialize in cases involving financial insolvency, debt restructuring, and bankruptcy proceedings.
  11. Tax Lawyers:
    • Provide legal advice on tax-related matters, including tax planning and dispute resolution.
  12. Environmental Lawyers:
    • Deal with legal issues related to environmental regulations, conservation, and sustainability.
  13. Civil Rights Lawyers:
    • Advocate for individuals whose civil rights have been violated, addressing issues such as discrimination and police misconduct.
  14. Healthcare Lawyers:
    • Focus on legal issues in the healthcare industry, including compliance, regulatory matters, and malpractice cases.
  15. Media and Entertainment Lawyers:
    • Handle legal issues related to the entertainment industry, including contracts, intellectual property, and defamation.
  16. International Law Attorneys:
    • Specialize in legal matters involving multiple jurisdictions, international contracts, and cross-border disputes.
  17. Military Lawyers:
    • Provide legal services to members of the military, addressing issues such as military justice and benefits.
  18. Consumer Protection Lawyers:
    • Advocate for consumers in cases of fraud, product liability, and unfair business practices.
  19. Social Security Disability Lawyers:
    • Assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining Social Security disability benefits.
  20. ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Professionals:
    • Mediators and arbitrators who facilitate the resolution of legal disputes outside of the courtroom.
End-to-end encryption in Pixie CRM represents a robust security feature that ensures the protection of sensitive data throughout the entire communication and storage process. This advanced encryption mechanism guarantees that only the intended recipients have access to the information exchanged within the CRM system, preventing unauthorized parties from intercepting or deciphering the data. Pixie CRM's commitment to end-to-end encryption reflects its dedication to safeguarding user confidentiality, be it in communication channels, file sharing, or any other data-related activities within the platform. By employing this security measure, Pixie CRM not only fortifies the privacy of its users but also aligns with contemporary best practices in information security, providing a trustworthy environment for businesses to manage their customer relationships and sensitive information securely.Learn more about end-to-end encryption.
Pixie CRM is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed to streamline and enhance business processes. Developed with versatility in mind, Pixie CRM provides a centralized platform for managing various aspects of customer interactions, sales, and project management. It incorporates features such as contact management, lead tracking, and customer communication tools, empowering businesses to build and nurture strong relationships with clients. With a user-friendly interface, Pixie CRM facilitates efficient collaboration among team members, fostering improved communication and productivity. The software also includes modules for invoicing, estimating, and task management, making it an all-encompassing solution for businesses of different sizes and industries. Pixie CRM's customization options allow organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability as their requirements evolve. In essence, Pixie CRM is a powerful tool that helps businesses optimize their workflow, enhance customer engagement, and drive overall operational efficiency.Click here to learn more.
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Pixie Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is beneficial for a wide range of businesses that provide products. Here's a list of types of businesses where the use of Pixie CRM can significantly enhance customer interactions, sales, and overall efficiency:
  1. Retail Businesses:
    • Manage customer profiles and purchase history.
    • Implement targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.
  2. E-commerce Stores:
    • Track and analyze customer behavior on the website.
    • Personalize the shopping experience through tailored recommendations.
  3. Consumer Electronics Retailers:
    • Manage warranty information and after-sales support.
    • Implement targeted promotions for new product releases.
  4. Apparel and Fashion Retailers:
    • Track fashion preferences and sizes for personalized marketing.
    • Manage inventory and supply chain efficiently.
  5. Grocery Stores:
    • Implement customer loyalty programs.
    • Analyze purchasing patterns for effective inventory management.
  6. Home Improvement Stores:
    • Manage customer accounts for home improvement projects.
    • Provide personalized recommendations for DIY projects.
  7. Automotive Parts Retailers:
    • Manage customer profiles for vehicle information.
    • Implement targeted promotions for automotive accessories.
  8. Technology and Gadgets Retailers:
    • Track customer preferences for gadgets and accessories.
    • Provide efficient after-sales support.
  9. Health and Beauty Product Retailers:
    • Maintain customer profiles for personalized beauty product recommendations.
    • Implement loyalty programs for repeat customers.
  10. Furniture Stores:
    • Manage customer preferences for furniture styles.
    • Provide personalized recommendations for home decor.
  11. Sporting Goods Retailers:
    • Track customer preferences for sports equipment.
    • Implement promotions for seasonal sports events.
  12. Jewelry Stores:
    • Manage customer profiles for jewelry preferences.
    • Implement targeted marketing for special occasions.
  13. Books and Stationery Stores:
    • Track reading preferences for book recommendations.
    • Implement loyalty programs for book enthusiasts.
  14. Gift Shops:
    • Manage customer profiles for special occasions and preferences.
    • Implement promotions for gift-giving events.
  15. Pet Supplies Stores:
    • Track pet preferences and purchase history.
    • Implement loyalty programs for pet owners.
  16. Outdoor and Adventure Gear Retailers:
    • Manage customer profiles for outdoor activity preferences.
    • Provide targeted promotions for adventure enthusiasts.
  17. Specialty Food Stores:
    • Track customer preferences for specialty foods.
    • Implement loyalty programs for repeat customers.
  18. Wine and Liquor Stores:
    • Manage customer profiles for wine preferences.
    • Provide personalized recommendations for wine enthusiasts.
  19. Home Appliance Retailers:
    • Manage customer accounts for appliance warranties and repairs.
    • Provide personalized recommendations for home appliances.
  20. Art and Craft Supplies Stores:
    • Track customer preferences for art supplies.
    • Implement promotions for creative individuals.
Yes, we do offer a 100% free version for small businesses or up to 5 clients / 10 products.No credit card or billing details shall be required upon signing up!Our unique pricing strategy is as follows:ADVO Packages:Pixie PRO Packages:POS Packages with Free Inventory Management - Pixie CRMClick here to learn more.
Pixie Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are beneficial for various types of businesses across different industries. Here's a list of business types where the use of Pixie CRM is particularly advantageous:
  1. Retail:
    • Manage customer interactions and purchase history.
    • Implement targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.
    • Streamline inventory management based on customer preferences.
  2. E-commerce:
    • Track and analyze customer behavior on the website.
    • Personalize the shopping experience.
    • Manage customer support and order processing efficiently.
  3. Hospitality:
    • Maintain guest profiles and preferences.
    • Streamline reservations and booking processes.
    • Provide personalized services to enhance customer satisfaction.
  4. Real Estate:
    • Keep track of client preferences and property details.
    • Automate lead management and follow-up processes.
    • Facilitate communication with potential buyers and sellers.
  5. Finance and Banking:
    • Monitor and manage customer accounts.
    • Enhance customer service through efficient issue resolution.
    • Implement targeted financial product offerings.
  6. Healthcare:
    • Maintain patient records and appointment schedules.
    • Improve communication between healthcare providers and patients.
    • Implement personalized healthcare plans.
  7. Telecommunications:
    • Manage customer subscriptions and billing information.
    • Analyze customer usage patterns for targeted promotions.
    • Provide efficient customer support.
  8. Manufacturing:
    • Streamline the supply chain and inventory management.
    • Manage customer orders and delivery schedules.
    • Enhance after-sales support and service.
  9. Technology and Software:
    • Track customer interactions with the product.
    • Provide efficient technical support.
    • Gather feedback for product improvement.
  10. Professional Services:
    • Manage client relationships and project details.
    • Streamline billing and invoicing processes.
    • Track communication and collaboration with clients.
  11. Education:
    • Maintained student profiles and academic records.
    • Facilitate communication between educators and students.
    • Implement targeted educational programs based on student performance.
  12. Non-Profit Organizations:
    • Manage donor relationships and contributions.
    • Implement targeted fundraising campaigns.
    • Enhance communication with volunteers and supporters.
  13. Automotive:
    • Manage customer data for sales and service purposes.
    • Implement targeted marketing for new models or services.
    • Streamline inventory and order processes.
  14. Travel and Tourism:
    • Manage customer reservations and preferences.
    • Provide personalized travel experiences.
    • Implement loyalty programs for frequent travelers.
We have launched three types of Industry Specific CRM so far:




CRM Software For Consultants or Service Providers.
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Legal Case Management Software for Law Firms.




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Software for Product Management with POS & CRM.