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Pixie (ADVO™) Legal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has emerged as an indispensable tool for legal consultants, revolutionizing the way they manage client interactions and case information. Through a user-friendly application dashboard, consultants can now handle every aspect of their practice digitally, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both consultants and clients.The digitalization of client management is a hallmark feature of Legal CRM. The application dashboard serves as a centralized hub where consultants can access and manage all client-related information. This includes contact details, case history, communication logs, and document storage. The convenience of having a comprehensive client profile at their fingertips allows legal consultants to make well-informed decisions promptly.Efficient communication lies at the core of successful legal practice, and Legal CRM ensures that consultants can manage client interactions seamlessly. The application dashboard acts as a communication center, allowing consultants to log calls, emails, and messages. This not only facilitates organized record-keeping but also enhances collaboration within the consultancy team. Everyone involved in a case can access the same information, promoting teamwork and avoiding communication gaps.
Key Features of Pixie Legal CRM | ADVO™

1- Online Professional Dashboard For Your Legal Firm.
2- Secured Professional Dashboard For Your Clients.
3- Free Online Invoicing Module With All Major Merchants, i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Amazon etc.
4- Keep Tracking With Automated Alerts & Reminders of Every Case.
5- Professional Free Support Desk Module.
6- Safe & Secured Databases.
7- End-To-End Encryption | Fully Encrypted Collaboration.
8- Unlimited Accounts, Clients, Databases & much more.
9- Free SMTP Email Exchange Server (INBOX-G).
10- No Commissions or Hidden Charges.
11- Unlimited Ready to Integrate Modules.
12- Fully SRA Compliant Software.
fully compliant legal software for solicitors and consultants
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