What is Pixie VIM CRM?

Pixie provides industry-specific CRMs, which cover all natures of Businesses. Pixie VIM version is specifically designed for large-scale businesses or companies, if we call it VIM ERP, which would be a better name for it, as it has so many professional fundamentals which we usually don't have in other versions of CRMs.

Another great part of Pixie VIM is, it doesn't have useless options like we usually find in all regular CRMs, in fact, we don't even use that features in normal routine, sometimes users get confused, and we need to arrange training for the users in simple words Pixie VIM is not complicated at all!


1. Integration

2. Automation

3. Data Analysis

4. Reporting

5. C.R.M Module

6. Accounting

7. Tracking & Visibility

8. H.R Management

9. Supply Chain Management

10. Sales and Marketing

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Another great feature of Pixie ERP is, you will find an unlimited number of modules with ready-to-integrate features, upon a single click you can activate the following modules in Pixie ERP / Pixie VIM.

CRM | Customer Relationship Management.

ERP | Enterprise Relationship Planning.

Whatsapp Business API Integration Module.

Recruitment Management Module.

Manufacturing Management Module.

Fixed Equipment Management Module.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Module.

Inventory Management Module.

Human Resource Payroll Module.

Affiliate Management Module.

Products & Services
Online & Offline Module

Human Resource Records Module.

Purchase Management Module.

Loyalty Memberships Module.




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