Pixie PSP™ - CRM for (PSP - Professional Service Providers)

Pixie PSP™ | CRM for professional service providers

Although expert offerings is a vast term, it encompasses many industries. Think of expert offerings as something that a commercial enterprise proprietor can also additionally want to outsource with a view to having extra time to spend on their priorities. Professional offerings corporations have specialized expertise approximately a selected talent or industry, and their paintings permit corporation proprietors to be cognizant of middle commercial enterprise functions. They promote understanding and thoughts to assist groups in growing to be successful, instead of an actual, tangible product.

Professional offerings may be given as an add-directly to a middle presenting to a commercial enterprise, or it could be a number one line of commercial enterprise for a customer. The distinction between specialists and expert provider providers is that specialists can also additionally simply provide recommendations or steerage on a selected function, while expert offerings providers are frequently chargeable for the quit end result in their paintings. Professional offerings are frequently provided on a billable-hours basis, however, also can be provided at a flat charge or as a subscription to a commercial enterprise that makes use of their offerings regularly. Professional offerings may be provided in numerous roles and fields.

A list of types of service providers or pixie has developed this version of CRM, especially for the following nature of services:

Legal services

Logistics (Including Client Management)

Accounting and bookkeeping

Project management

Marketing consultancy, which includes: Digital Marketing Content marketing Event management

Creative services, which include photo design

Client management


IT Services


Real Estate Consultants.


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