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Accounting & Bookkeeping Software For CPA Firms

Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping Application

One window solution for Accounting Firms | CPA 

HMRC Compliant Software for CPA (Certified Public Accountants), accountants can manage fiscal closings, financial management, client's tax records, from general ledger to balance sheet professionally with accuracy, not just this accountants can offer a professional AI-Based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to their clients, without any extra charge!

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Why Pixie Accounting & Bookkeeping Software?
Compilation of Databases in 1 Cloud of Accountant | CPA
pixie DB Cloud
pixie one cloud for accountants
Accounting & Bookkeeping Panel For Accountants (CPA)

Pixie accounting and bookkeeping software help accountants work more efficiently, reduce errors, improve financial reporting, and focus on higher-value tasks, ultimately enhancing their productivity and effectiveness in managing financial data. It also allow you to manage the accounts of all client's companies in one windows.

1- Dashboard (Overview)
2- Banking Flow
3- Transactions
4- Item Mapping Setup
5- Purchasing Mapping Setup
6- Inventory Mapping Setup
7- Journal Entry
8- Chart of Accounts
9- Reconcilliation
10- Budgets Management
11- Business Overview Reports
12- Bookkeeping Reports
13- Sales Tax Reports
14- Sales & Customer Reports
15- Expenses and Suppliers Reports
16- Budget Reports
17- Accounts Aging Reports
18- Banking Reports
19- Dedicated Client Portal
& much more...

Accountant's Clientele

Pixie Accounting & Bookkeeping Software for accountants would allow digital coordination between accountants and clients, real time updates on daily basis, enhances communication, collaboration, and efficiency in financial management. It promotes real-time data sharing, timely insights, and collaborative decision-making, benefiting both accountants and clients in their pursuit of effective financial planning and performance.

Upon Confirmation of hiring of accounting firm, or being a part of accountant's clientele, as an CPA / Accountant you would certainly be able to create a company of your client in just a single click to manage entire flow error free and professionally, and offer them a free version of CRM on firm's behalf, monitor everything in a real time and allow your clients to manage their business more efficiently through following features of Pixie CRM.

Customers (Overview)
Invoicing Software / Application
Leads Management
Contracts Management
Support Desk Management
Sales Automation
Expense Management
Surveys Management
Projects or Services
Payment Gateways
Tasks & much more

Customers of Accountant's Clientele

Pixie CRM (Customer Relationship Management) would allow companies to deal with their clients digitally, whether it's about products, Shop, eCommerce online business or service providers, dealing with customers digitally through Pixie CRM offers benefits such as a seamless customer experience, 24/7 accessibility, personalized interactions, efficient issue resolution, automation of workflows, data-driven insights, integrated communication channels, enhanced customer retention, scalability, and a competitive advantage. By embracing digital CRM, businesses can optimize customer interactions, drive growth, and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Dealing with customers digitally through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offers numerous benefits for businesses. Here are the key advantages:

Client Portal Overview

1- Seamless Customer Experience
2- 24/7 Accessibility
3- Personalized Interactions
4- Efficient Issue Resolution
5- Automated Workflows
6- Data-Driven Insights
7- Integrated Communication Channels
8- Enhanced Customer Retention
9- Scalability and Growth
10- Competitive Advantage

Integrate Pixie with ANY App!

Integrating Pixie CRM or Pixie Accounting & Bookkeeping software with applications provides benefits such as streamlined data flow, enhanced customer insights, improved sales and marketing alignment, increased efficiency, superior customer service, omnichannel engagement, automation and workflows, enhanced collaboration, scalability, and a competitive advantage. Businesses can leverage CRM integration to optimize operations, drive growth, and achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It's important to note that the availability of integration options may vary depending on the requirements, Pixie AI-Based CRM platform provides integration capabilities or offer a marketplace of pre-built integrations, while some applications may require custom development or third-party connectors for seamless integration.

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